Barrier Sprays

At Mosquito Free Club we specialize in insecticide barrier sprays for homes and businesses all around Greenwood, SC. When you join Mosquito Free Club one of our professional mosquito technicians will return to your property every 21 days to apply the insecticide barrier spray. The barrier spray is the process of using a backpack sprayer and spraying a non-harmful insecticide onto your shrubs and plants. This insecticide will bond to the foliage and act as a repellent for 21 days.

Benefits of Barrier Sprays

Our premium barrier sprays are perfect for commercial and recreational outdoor areas. Proper mosquito and pest control that targets biting insects will help keep everyone in outdoor spaces comfortable and prevent insect-borne disease from traveling. Our barrier sprays will provide you with a comfortable outdoor area that is mosquito free so you are able to enjoy the beauty of your landscape.

barrier spray from Mosquito Free Club