Flea Control

Mosquito Free Club is the top flea control company in Greenwood, SC. Our pet friendly insecticide barrier sprays will help prevent fleas for 21 days. Most people understand the annoyance of fleas especially you have pets. Fleas are small, jumping insects that will bite the host causing itching and sometimes rashes. Fleas can also carry disease pathogens just like mosquitos and ticks. At Mosquito Free Club we will not only help prevent fleas from living on your property, but also give you advice and tips for more preventative measures.

Facts About Fleas

Fleas are blood sucking insects that generally search for warm blooded hosts like dogs and cats. Fleas can consume up to 15x their own body weight and can cause anemia and tapeworms. Fleas can lay up to 4,ooo eggs and bite over 400 times in one day, this is why we recommend a preventative treatment regularly. Mosquito Free Club is here to help you get rid of all of your flea problems so you can enjoy your property and not worry for children or pets.

Mosquito Free Club Flea Control